Pumpkins Kindergarten is pioneered by Ms. Balie Kler and Mr. Sandeep Kler who bring along their vast international experience to the field. Ms. Kler was actively involved with educating and handling young children in the US whereas Mr. Kler was managing a software institution. Upon returning from the US they realised a dearth of good institutions for young children in India and that's when their passion started to take shape in the form of Pumpkins Kindergarten.
The same passion is reflected each day at Pumpkins.

Ms. Balie Kler has a varied experience in the field of education of young children in India and the USA. She spent four years in USA Teaching young children and managing young children.
She’s a perfectionist in more ways than you can count. Her personality excudes vibes that make the environs of pumpkins vibrant and energetic. More important, that this energy flows down to each and everyone at Pumpkins.
Mr. Sandeep Kler, an engineer by profession is actively involved by bringing in his experience in varied academic & business fields.

Read some books about kindergarten with your child. Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten, Will I Have a Friend? and The Kissing Hand are just a few great books to help your child get ready (ask your librarian for suggestions as well). Use these books as a springboard for discussion about your child's fears and excitement about school.