At Pumpkins we have modified the idea of a 'classroom' into a 'Home Base' for 20-25 children each to be supervised by two credential teachers. The 'Home bases' or work areas at Pumpkins are of varying sizes and content. They are arranged in a way that facilitates implementation of the play way & Montessori methods. No Particular room is assigned to a particular child as his class room. Instead children keep moving from one work area to the other during the course of the school. Each Home Base is a complete unit with adequate wall display, window space, toilets and lockers.

The Home Bases have movable partitions between them which can be opened up or moved to create bigger contiguous spaces, Each Home Base spills onto a covered veranda or outdoor space. In effect the Home Bases become simply the 'shelters' in bad weather while the outdoor spaces become the main play areas thus laying emphasis on learning through play. All the layout provides spaces catering for group activities from the single child playing on his own to the entire school assembling together. Smaller rooms for specific activities like story corners, music and dance are provided. 'In-between' spaces and corridors cater to smaller group or individual activities, doll-houses, art etc. Semi covered central spaces are provided for large group activities. The entrance to the school is also used as an activity area.

Variety of Play Spaces

  • Areas for both large and small group activities with small low furniture for any individual table work
  • Provision to display children's work as well as project related grids, mazes, jigsaws etc. at eye level of the children
  • Outdoor games and sand area to develop logical-mathematical intelligence
  • Water area or splash pool area for development of spatial intelligence
  • Amphitheatre
  • Activity centres, Dolls corner with fully equipped Wendy house puppets, accessories for imaginative play and a musical wall
  • Blocks corner with construction and manipulative materials
  • Library corners with bean bags, picture books, video and audio story tapes
  • Science area for simple experiments, observations like planting seeds and watching them grow, observing insects and birds etc.
  • Messy Wall for creative arts like scribbling and painting
  • Disused car for imaginative play and related activities
  • Tyre Park for gross motor activities
  • Computer room for computer related activities