At Pumpkins, the term guidance is used for several reasons. it is a positive term, and implies working with the child to develop internal control of her behaviour. Our goal is to encourage the children to become creative, independant, responsible, and socially mature human beings. This involves learning to make responsible choices, and accepting the consequences of all choices.

Guidance takes several forms :


A place designed for children. The furniture is child-sized, with lots of hands on experiences.

Logical Rules

Such as keeping our hands to ourselves, and taking care of and learning about the environment. These are discussed with the children, as well as why such rules are needed.


Curriculum Is developmentally appropriate, based on the children's interest and level of readiness.

Positive Behaviour

We reinforce the behaviour we encourage. Catch them being "good"!


Often, attempting to interest a child in another activity can eliminate a potential difficulty. We might ask the child to help us or send them to a different play area.

Positive Reminder

Telling the children what we want them to do, rather than using the expressions "no" or "don't".

Time Out

Occasionally children need to be removed from situation for a brief time allowing them to consider alternate, appropriate behaviour. We cut out the child from their favourite play time for a brief period in the company of an adult till the situation is resolved.

On-Going Situations

Any on-going situations can be discussed with the parents to ensure a cooperative approach.

Note : No corporal punishment will be allowed. This is defined as the use of negative physical touching (spanking, slapping, pinching, etc.). No unusual punishment will be allowed, such as humiliation, ridicule, threats, or coercion.