Our belief at Pumpkins is that we are facilitators; our mission is to assist and encourage our children in learning more of who they are, and then help them in developing and expressing themselves with beauty, confidence, love and joy.

Knowledge is power, but more importantly it is how you use the power with wisdom. One cannot teach wisdom, but at pumpkins, it will be developed through a nurturing educational environment, through trial and error without condemnation, through love and compassion and with the understanding that individual progress at their own rate, in their own time. Respect for this individuality is primary in developing healthy minds and healthy individuals. This is preferred over comparisons to others, which devalues the individual. Education needs to be creative, exciting, fun and flexible, or you've lost them!

Education consists of Learning what has come before and what is presently occuring; learning from the past in order to create a better today and tomorrow. At pumpkins we provide students with a broad range of experiences focusing not only on academics, fine arts, physical education and school preparation, but also developing an awareness of social and environmental needs. The curriculum at Pumpkins has been designed to bring forth the creativity an spontaneity in a child and thus encourage self-learning.

Discharge Policy

Pumpkins reserves the right to cancel the enrollment of a child for the following additional reasons:
  • non-payment or excessive late payment of fees.
  • not observing the rules of The School.
  • child has special needs which we cannot adequately meet with our current staffing patterns.
  • physical and/or verbal abuse of staff or other child/children by A Parent of a child.